Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. You can install server part on Mac (as a virtual machine - installation guide).
  2. You can use admin panel from Safari.
  3. You can monitor workstations running on MacOS 10.13 (limited list of functions is supported - Download brochure). At the present moment there are no plans for later version of MacOS.

Only tablets running on Windows or Linux. Devices with Android and iOS can't be monitored.

Yes. But the resulting output varies depending on SIEM system. We have successful experience of integration with MaxPatrol SIEM.
    There are 3 ways of integration:
  1. Extracting data collected by StaffCop from PostgreSQL database.
  2. Usage of API.
  3. Usage of "Syslog" module of StaffCop to extract collected data from admin panel as text.

Active Directory can be used for installing, upgrading or uninstalling of StaffCop Agents (user guide).

  1. If you need to access admin panel to manage the system of view reports you don't have to install anything on the laptop from which you want to monitor - you can access admin panel from your internet browser (port forwarding or VPN should be configured)
  2. If you need to monitor a small amount of PCs (e.g 5) and you don't have server capabilities you can install StaffCop Server on your laptop as a virtual machine. Make sure that the created machine fits the server requirements for the required number of computers. The laptop should be constantly running.


Yes. Customization abilities are described in this article.

Yes. You can assign different schedules for different shifts to get more accurate time tracking reports. But time of a shift can be set only within one day (from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM).

Yes. You can.

No. But but in case some of the modules are strongly needed to be disabled (to prevent violations by employees responsible for operating StaffCop) we recommend to create administrator accounts without the permissions to change configuration OR/AND document the responsibility of usage the system.

Yes. They are here.

Yes. For that you should configure VPN or port forwarding.

Yes. You can. Read this atricle to get more details.

Yes. For that you should configure VPN or port forwarding

No. StaffCop Enterprise supports only English and Russian languages. There are no plans for adding any other languages because of the peculiarities of system architecture.


StaffCop Standard is outdated (last release was back in 2016, after that the developement was stopped). It may not be compatible with modern hardware or software. If it stopped working the other day, most probably it was caused by Windows update. We don't sell or support Standard version anymore. Compatibility issues can't be fixed. If you have StaffCop Standard keys you can purchase StaffCop Enterprise with 40% discount. If you still want to keep using StaffCop Standard you can browse this guide for solving issues that arise.