StaffCop update - StaffCop Enterprise 4.8 released!

When developing software, it’s crucial to stay in connection with the customers. Customers quite often come with questions, and quite often they come with ideas and suggestion of what should be changed or improved. We are always open for customers’ feedback so we have managed to implement almost 150 improvements suggested by our customers. Our main goal is to provide you with the exact product that you need and we are working hard to achieve that goal.

StaffCop Enterprise 4.8

Of course, we couldn’t just ignore the fact that organizations have the need to use several software systems for information security together that’s why we improved compatibility of StaffCop with popular SIEM and BI systems, such as RuSIEM, Max Patrol SIEM, Power BI.

As Windows takes the major percentage of operating systems worldwide we are keeping to extend the functionality related to Active Directory – besides the currently existing abilities we added access rights distribution based on details from AD and getting data from AD to be placed in employees’ account cards.

Endpoint agent is one of the major components of our software bundle as it collects data on users’ workstations. That’s why extension of agent’s functionality is as much important as the extension of server’s functionality. We gave even more flexibility to settings of time and conditions of endpoint agents allowing them to monitor both local and remote users. Newly added “File scanner” function can provide you with the list of files on users’ workstations and to check if there are anything that really shouldn’t be there.

StaffCop Enterprise employs neural network technology for recognition of documents, stamps employees’ photos. It allows to solve a large number of tasks – monitor usage of personal data or internal documentation, define the person working at the workstation and so on.

We can tell a lot about improvements in the new version but it’s always better to see it in action. You can test it for free to see what new functions can do to improve your workflow.